Direct Hire Placement

JobSource’s Direct Hire Placement Division is solely dedicated to finding you the best and most sought out talent in the open marketplace for your direct hire needs. We first interview with you in order to gather a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements in order to successfully find the right candidate……guaranteed.


• Reduce Your Recruitment Process From Months to Days
• Control Your Cost and Process By Allowing Your Staff to Continue Working and Having One Point of Contact, One Provider For all Your Applicant Calls
• Preserve Confidentiality with Discrete, By Using a Third-Party Recruiter you take a more Discrete Position to Recruiting and Conserve Your Confidentiality
• Every Placement is Guaranteed by JobSource’s 30 day, 90 day and 1 year Assurance Program

Temp-To-Hire Program

For those companies and organizations looking for complete control and cost effective staffing solutions, JobSource offers a Temp-to-Hire solution. The Temp-to-Hire Program gives you the speed and simplicity of our Temporary Staffing Service, with Combining the speed and flexibility of our Temporary staffing services with the total control of our Direct Hire Placement services. With this program you receive the best possible combination of JobSource’s staffing resources.

Temporary Staffing

In a Temporary Staffing Service, we understand that your staffing needs are diverse and dynamic in today’s business environment. Maintaining peak productivity and cost effective labor solutions, using alternative strategies to compete in today’s international commerce becomes more challenging each day. JobSource will work with you to deliver timely and cost effective workforce to meet the demands. By first analyzing and reviewing your staffing needs, we will provide the proper systems needed in implementing strategies to remain involved throughout the staffing process so that communication and control of the labor force leads to a cost effective solution.